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HustleHer Ball 

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The HustleHER Ball is a prestigious Award Gala to recognize women who have accomplished great achievements in 2021. This year we are expecting over 300 business women and business professionals in attendance.

The HustleHer Award Gala will be recognizing women entrepreneurs, small business owners, influencers and professionals. This year is especially important to celebrate women business owners and professionals who have triumphant in a time with many adversities.

We believe if women celebrate their success with others like themselves that are leaders, educated, with positive identities, this will build their esteem and worth. The goal of this event is to celebrate, inspire and elevate our community by empowering and supporting women-owned businesses and professionals.

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This Years Categories

  • SheEO

  • CoroprateBae

  • Side HustleHer

  • InfluencHer

  • EntrepreneuHer

  • HustleHer of the Year

  • Business of the Year

  • Business Woman of the Year

  • EmpowerHERment of the Year

  • Business Woman to Watch

  • CreateHer of the Year

  • Event of the Year

  • Artist of the Year

  • Brand of the Year

  • Podcast of the Year

  • Author of the Year

  • Non-Profit 

  • Humanitarian

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2020 HustleHer Ball

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